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  1. Contractors and governments working together, result in a tremendous cost saving to government agencies and a greater confidence for contractors to bid on government work.
  2. Stephen Bauld is a public speaker on the international stage. Bauld is recognized as Canada's authoritative expert in the field of government procurement, preparation of construction documents and leadership training.
  3. When we say that Stephen Bauld wrote the book on public procurement, we really mean it! He is the co-author of, "The Municipal Procurement Handbook" (two editions) and "Leadership, Or The Lack Thereof."

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When we say that Stephen Bauld wrote the book on public procurement, we really mean it! Author of the Municipal Procurement Handbook, and President of Purchasing Consultants Inc., Stephen Bauld defines the public procurement process differentiating it from private sector procurement.

Going through the various checks and balances of government procurement, Stephen Bauld discusses policies, pre-qualifications, bid evaluations, by-laws, and procedures. Learn about purchasing mistakes, transferring risk, and non-competitive contract awards. Learn the top questions to ask and the tips that could help in the process.
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Stephen's presentations energize and engage his audience. His life-long commitment and experience in supply chain management is very apparent during his seminars. After reading his books and articles on procurement it is easy to see why Stephen is Canada's leading expert on government procurement.
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Leadership, Or The Lack Thereof
Multi-Volume Series on Leadership
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The new Comprehensive multi-volume Series on Leadership by best-selling authors Kevin McGuinness and Stephen Bauld. Covers the definition of leadership; the role of leaders; elements of leadership (e.g. foresight, integrity, wisdom, flexibility, decisiveness, principle, dignity, resilience, and more. 
The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) recently celebrated its 21st Members' Day on May 6, 2014. The event, which is meant to connect TCA members and bring the industry together, welcomed keynote speaker John M. Beck, Executive Director of Aecon Group.
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